bodyboard course lanzarote


1 day of course 3h | 60€ witout transport – 70€ with transport

3 days of course 3h | 170€ witout transport – 200€ with transport

5 days of course 3h | 270€ witout transport – 350€ with transport

Bodyboarding and surfing are both water sports that involve riding waves, but they differ in terms of equipment, body positioning, and riding style. If you are looking for bodyboard course in Lanzarote, you are in the perfect place!

Bodyboarding and surfing involve riding waves, they differ in equipment, body positioning, and riding style. Bodyboarding is often considered more accessible for beginners, while surfing offers a diverse range of riding experiences and maneuvers. Ultimately, the choice between bodyboarding and surfing depends on personal preferences and the type of experience you seek in the water. This bodyboard course in Lanzarote contains the necessary concepts, with 80% practical surf lessons in the water. 

In the course we will mainly explain:

Introduction to safety regulations on the beach of Famara (where the bodyboard lessons are given in Lanzarote); We will learn about the bodyboard material and its management. In the water, the technique of paddling and take off.

If you have already a good level in bodyboard we can offer you a bodyboard advance lesson, private lesson or bodyboard guide around the island in a surfari, to get to know the best spots for bodyboard in Lanzarote.

If you need transport we will organize it fro you. We will pick you up in the morning or afternoon at the accommodation. If you drive by yourself we will meet you at the beach.

Once at the beach we will explain safety rules of the beach.

Warm-up and theoretical part.

When finished, we pick up the equipment and take it back to the hotel or accommodation.




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