Caleta de Famara is considered ideal for learning to surf for several reasons:

The waves are typically moderate in size, making it easier for beginners to practice and acquire basic skills. Caleta de Famara offers a variety of breaks, including beach breaks and reef breaks. This means there are different types of waves for beginners to practice on and progress at their own pace. 

Caleta de Famara beach is known for having consistent surf conditions throughout the year. This means there is a good likelihood of finding suitable beginner-friendly waves at any given time. The consistency of the waves provides beginners with the opportunity to practice regularly and progressively improve their surfing skills.

In general, the waters at Caleta de Famara tend to be shallow compared to other surf spots. This is beneficial for beginners as it provides a safer and more controlled environment for learning to surf. The shallow water allows for better mobility and balance, helping beginners feel more comfortable and confident in their learning process.


Additionally Caleta de Famara has a relaxed atmosphere and a welcoming surf community. The friendly environment and the presence of other beginner surfers create a conducive setting for learning and sharing experiences with like-minded individuals.

Caleta de Famara also offers stunning natural beauty. The beach is surrounded by dramatic cliffs and has panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. Caleta de Famara belongs to the National Park of La Biosphere. This combination of breathtaking landscapes and surfing opportunities creates an inspiring and motivating environment for beginners.

In summary, Caleta de Famara is ideal for learning to surf due to its suitable waves, consistent conditions, shallow waters, friendly atmosphere, and beautiful location. If you’re interested in getting started with surfing, this spot in Lanzarote can be an excellent choice.