Intermediate Surf Course


1 day of course 3h | 60€ witout transport – 70€ with transport

3 days of course 3h | 170€ witout transport – 200€ with transport

5 days of course 3h | 270€ witout transport – 350€ with transport

If you have already done several basic courses and you are ready to progress, these are the steps that we will carry out in the intermediate level surf course.

Evaluation of your surfing level.

Advanced techniques: wave selection and positioning in the lineup,

Advance take off techniques and timing of paddling to make the most of the wave.

Surfing position on the board, improvment of your tecnique  to catch the best waves.

Surf sessions in Famara and other surf spots.

If you need transport we will organise it fro you.We will pick you up in the morning or afternoon at the accommodation. If you drive by yourself we will meet you at the beach.

Once at the beach we will explain safety rules of the beach.

Warm-up and theoretical part.

When finished, we pick up the equipment and take it back to the hotel or accommodation.

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