Surf School Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca is located in the south of Lanzarote. Los Ajaches Natural Park is a protected nature reserve and is located in Playa Blanca. Los Ajaches is a mountain range that extends from the southwest to the southeast of the island. This natural park is characterized by its volcanic landscape and its natural beauty, with hills, valleys, ravines and cliffs that offer impressive views towards the Atlantic Ocean. The waters of its beaches are crystal clear and the perfect setting for a kayak or Stan Up Paddle trip, but when the surf conditions are good, the waves are of great quality.

Playa Blanca has a variety of surf spots but given the peculiarity of its waves and its rocky bottom, they are recommended places for experienced surfers.

These surf spots work especially in winter, when the waves are bigger and more consistent. The trade winds and ocean currents in the region create favorable conditions for surfing at several beaches in the area.

If you are a surfer, Playa Blanca can be an excellent place to enjoy this water sport in an impressive environment. However, as with any activity at sea, it is always important to take into account the weather and sea conditions, as well as respect local safety regulations and advice from local experts.

The most appropriate conditions for the operation of these spots are:

  • Wind must be NE
  • Breakbeach/reef
  • Wave direction: north or west
  • Ideal wind: north easterly
  • Ideal swell: north westerly
  • Ideal tide: all average water
  • Temps: 19°c – 22°c
  • Difficulty: intermediate- high