WingFoil in Lanzarote

Price: 2h / 100€

Nica Surf Lanzarote offers the possibility of learning wingfoil in Lanzarote from scratch, in an easy and fun way. This super new type of sport that many surfers, kiters and windsurfers are joining for all the added advantages wingfoil offers. It is easy to learn and accessible to everyone. When you feel yourself rising above the foil, the sensations that this new modality gives you will hook you for sure!

All types of foil are available: SUP foil, Kite Foil, Surf Foil and wingfoil.

Come with us and try wing foiling in Lanzarote, it only has advantages and no buts! Reserve now!

Durability: 2 hours

Wingfoil is a water sport that combines elements of windsurfing, kitesurfing, and stand-up paddleboarding (SUP). It is also known as wingboarding or wing surfing. Wingfoil involves gliding over the water using a foil board (hydrofoil) equipped with an inflatable handheld wing.

Wingfoiling is practiced in open waters such as oceans, lakes, or rivers and does not require waves to be enjoyed. The inflatable wing, which is held in the hands and not connected to the board, captures the wind and provides the necessary propulsion to glide on the water.

The foil, or hydrofoil, is a system located beneath the board and consists of a vertical fin and a horizontal wing-shaped like an inverted airplane wing. This configuration allows the board to lift out of the water as it gains speed, reducing friction and providing a sensation of flight.

Wingfoiling requires some skill and balance to control the board and the wing. Practitioners can perform maneuvers such as turns and jumps, taking advantage of wind gusts and the lift provided by the foil. Due to its versatility and the ability to practice it in various wind and water conditions, wingfoiling has gained popularity in recent years as an exciting option for water sports enthusiasts.

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